Smart Boards

Lebalelo has undertaken a programme of supplying smart boards to community schools in their area of operation. 


In support of Lebalelo’s educational initiatives, the company has partnered with Nali’bali to promote the culture of reading in its area of operation. Nali’bali is a national reading enjoyment initiative that promotes reading in local languages for children from early childhood development through to late primary school. Nali’bali currently operates in seven provinces and partners with schools, libraries and community centers to promote reading and literacy projects as well as to support access to reading resources in remote communities.

See the video below for highlights from Nal’ibali activities over the past three years.

Skills Development

Lebalelo is passionate not only about the skills development of its own people, but the development of people in the surrounding communities. In 2017, Lebalelo provided funding for the training of eight local students. The company’s current plan is to provide enterprise development support.