Our Communities

Lebalelo Water User Association’s infrastructure extends for approximately 110km through the Eastern Limb in the Limpopo province and crosses approximately 105 communities. These communities encompass a wide variety of people, cultures and geographies.

Most communities experience challenges, such as high unemployment, lack of skills and skills development opportunities, high secondary school dropout rates, high HIV/AIDs rates, electricity supply issues, proximity of shops / food sources and sparse cell phone reception.

The Association understands that in order to deliver against its mandate it must prioritise the wellness of the communities in its area of operation. Key to the Association’s revised business strategy is the socio-economic development of the region in which it operates. The Association has identified the following six levels through which it can help drive the economic upliftment of the area in which it operates:  







The Association, in collaboration with the Government and the mining sector is facilitating the establishment of a Socio-Economic Development Collaboration Forum, through which these six levers can be implemented across the region. The Collaboration forum is a key step to delivering against the Associations strategy to restore community trust and drive socio-economic development.