Lebalelo is legally classified as a Water User Association (WUA) and not a Water Services Authority (WSA). As such, Lebalelo does not have the legal mandate to provide potable water in the manner a Water Services Authority could. However, Lebalelo will seek to become a Water Services Provider to the WSAs when it implements its strategy of providing potable water to communities in the Eastern and Northern Limb. Lebalelo’s plan is to leverage its significant asset base and technical expertise in the bulk raw water space to partner with Government, the commercial sector and other Water Services Authorities to help address the water needs of communities in the Limpopo region. 

As the design, development and construction of these potable water schemes will take a significant amount of time, Lebalelo has undertaken a bridging programme of commissioning and refurbishing boreholes in some of the most water distressed communities. Although this programme is helping address the immediate needs of these communities, Lebalelo understands that the development of potable water lines is critical to secure the longevity and prosperity of these communities.