Short-term Strategy

[1 – 3 years]

Stabilise operations and the social license to operate by:

  • Strengthening Governance 

  • Repairing the Lebalelo brand 

  • Restoring trust in communities

  • Achieving operational excellence

  • Transforming our people

Medium-term Strategy

[4 – 7 years]

Build a trusted platform for socio-economic development (SED) in the region through:

  • Expanding Lebalelo’s role to build, operate and maintain, bulk and potable water infrastructure

  • Establishment of an SED collaboration forum to align members around common socio-economic development initiatives and infrastructure to foster social harmony

Long-term Strategy

[8 – 25 years]

Catalyse the creation of game changing businesses / initiatives to drive exponential socio-economic growth in the region.

  • the Association has already begun the process of identifying and developing opportunities in the region