The access to affordable, reliable and sustainable Energy is a key development driver for any economy. Globally, the worlds energy mix is going through a period of unprecedented change. As fossil fuel reserves are depleting and pressure to reduce carbon emissions mount, the world is increasingly turning towards renewable energy sources.

South Africa has a golden opportunity to benefit from this Energy transition as it houses one of the world’s greatest renewable energy reserves. Unfortunately, years of investment into fossil-fuel based Energy generation has left South Africa at a disadvantage to capitalise on this opportunity. 

The regular supply and affordability of clean energy is a primary concern for the Association’s operations, the commercial members and the communities in which the Association operates. Many of the Associations members in the mining community are already investing heavily in renewable energy initiatives and in decarbonising their operations. The Association’s revised Energy strategy is to explore renewable energy co-creation initiatives that can provide power to its own operations, commercial members and the local communities. 

Background Image credit: Micheal Brand South Africa